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ACI is dedicated to helping train the leaders of tomorrow for personal professional certification ACI provides training, certification issuance for a number of important business- related programs.

ACI's mission

ACI is a global organization engaged in occupational qualification certification and provides examination and certification services. ACI is headquartered in greater Los Angeles, California, United States of America (hereafter USA). Along with the American Human Resource Institute, American Marketing Association, American Purchasing Society, International Import and Export Institute, International Commercial Academy of Design, and the above named world famous universities ACI has launched more than 40 professional certification pathways.

Strategy is nothing without our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to promote lifelong learning through the design and delivery of continuing professional training and certification programs for individuals and organizations.


We nurture organizational effectiveness, personal growth, workforce and economic development. In extending traditional certification programs with continuous learning solutions,


Making every effort to conserve the environment, balancing the rights of future generations with current economic needs

Code of Conduct

Demonstrate integrity and humanity and observe the principles of the declaration of human rights avoiding all discriminatory practices including those relating to race, sex, religion and political affiliation.

Our goal

Preserving and, wherever possible, improving the quality of life within the organization’s sphere of influence

Our Heritage

Ensuring that all contracts and terms of business are clear, concise and honored in full, unless terminated or modified by mutual consent